Whitby WV Memorial Page

This page is dedicated to those who have lived in Whitby and since then have passed on. Any contributions are welcome as this will be their dedication. There will be many more names as this is the starter to this series.
Thanks to Eveleyn Sayres and Ginny Lilly. Their efforts and dedication made this page and the following listing possible.

"And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love."
Bible, 1 Corinthians 13:13

Pat Warden
Don Warden
Macie Warden B. 10/9/1917 - D. 11/29/2007 A dear friend of the Bowling Family in Whitby
Howard Warden
Mary Warden
Russell Warden
Georgia Warden
Dickey Warden
Clifford Warden, Sr.
Clifford Everett Warden, Jr. D. 03/24/2016
Mr. Paul Q. Warden
Mrs. Dorothy Reuter Warden (wife)
Jacqueline Warden B. 5/14/1936 - D. 6/11/1937
Steve Warden
Ruby S. Webb D.2/23/1995
Bill Webb
Mrs. Bill Webb
Ray Webb
Garland Webb
Ruby Webb
Clarence Greenville Webb D. 5/30/2004
Helen M. West B. 11/11/1932 - D. 12/24/2007
Jennie White D. 9/25/1945
Scott Wicher D. 8/15/1936
Charles Leland Wills B. 11/5/1870 - D. 4/1/1954
Nancy Sulina Isabel Cox Wills B. 11/9/1884 - D. 4/22/1965
Etta Pearl Wills B. 8/22/1909 - D. 6/30/1997
Effie Arizona Wills B. 12/2/1922 - D. 1/22/1997
Arthur Earl Wills B. 12/24/1904 - D. 4/25/1989
Richard Sterling Wills B. 2/26/1920 - D. 1/6/1986
Lee Wills
Thelma Mae Wills B. 3/7/1927 - D. 7/15/ 2001
Robert Wills
Rosie Wills
Emma Wills
Zinna Wills
Donald Lee Wills
William Coy Wills B. 9/10/1902 - D. 10/15/1981
Daisy Lillian Wills B. 5/29/1907 - D. 3/22/1984
Betty Wills D.2/12/1944****
Frances M Wilson D.8/31/2000
Vernon D Wilson B. 3/11/1921 - D. 4/28/2006 WW2 Vet
Phillip Wilson
Alfred D. 'Sonny' Wood B. 11/12/1936 - D. 2/12/2003
Fred Worley
Barbara Ellen Wyatt B. 2/15/1946 - D. 11/11/2005*****

Any names that you wish to contribute can be sent via e-mail. If you can, please contribute their date of birth and passing.

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