Whitby WV Memorial Page

This page is dedicated to those who have lived in Whitby and since then have passed on. Any contributions are welcome as this will be their dedication. There will be many more names as this is the starter to this series.
Thanks to Eveleyn Sayres and Ginny Lilly. Their efforts and dedication made this page and the following listing possible.

"And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love."
Bible, 1 Corinthians 13:13

Lacy Earl Lilly B. 9/06/1900 - D. 2/04/1971
Vella Pearl Bowling Lilly B. 6/20/1905 - D. 11/15/1970
Margie Pearl Lilly B. 9/11/1926 - D. 5/6/1982
Melva Rae Lilly B. 5/7/1928 - D. 7/27/1977
Estel Lilly
Oscar Lilly
Mrs. Oscar Lilly
Russ Lilly
Macie Lilly
Everett Jackson Lilly B. 5/20/1888 - D. 1965
Myrtha Blanche Keffer Lilly B. 10/28/1895 - D.7/11/1992
Rev. Lewis Clayton Lilly B.09/03/1927 - D.01/16/2010
Osborne Lilly B. 3/10/1915 - D.1985
Orlen Lilly B.12/19/17 - D. 1/12/1972
Fred Lilly B. 6/26/1919 - D. 9/29/1980
Dewey Lilly B. 1923 - D. 1924
Vella B Bowling Lilly 1905 - 1970
Cooter (Elbert Lilly) Handyman for Lottie Goss
Everett Dewey Lilly D. 1/20/1925***
Julian Lauren Lilly B. 7/21/1928 - D. 6/25/1930***
Mary Francis Lilly***
Cyrus Wilson Lilly**
Lilly D. 11/17/1940****
James Ray Lilly D. 02/08/2009
James Lilly****
Beaufort Thomas Lilly****D.5/31/1949
Roscoe Lilly****
Lakie Evelyn Lilly B.7/23/1923 - D.10/4/2006
Lenora Evadene Lilly B. 01/17/1937 - D. 03/11/2015
Carnie Lively
Dawson Lilly
Mrs Eva Lilly
Hobert Lilly
William Lilly D.1/3/1924 (Battleship Mine)
Norma Jean Archie Lilly
Sterling Edward Lilly
CALVIN G. LOGAN D. 3/28/1995
Dick Lowe D.10/6/1994
Zettie Lowe
Rosemary Lowe B 12/19/1945 - D.12/22/1945****
Paul Jennings Malcolm B. 2/13/1922 - D. 5/11/2012
Walsh Marskonich (Markovitch) B. 1/1884 - D. 3/27/1949
Weck Martin Jr. B.3/1919 - D.1/1951
Weck Martin
Emma Martin
Everett William Martin B. 2/5/1920 - D. 3/25/1938
Lydia E Sheets Martin
Blanche Martin B. 11/20/1916 - D. 2/3/2011
Bulah James Martin B.5/7/1928 - D.5/31/1928
Arthur McBride
Leola Dale McBride D.1988
Bud McBride
David S McBride D. 5/1/1994
Daniel McBride D. 5/1991
Delila 'Bunny' McBride B. 4/15/29 - D. 9/12/2013
Estil McBride***
Goldie McBride****
Randall Eugene McBride D. 06/06/2014
Velma O. McComas B. 11/10/1920 - D. 2/24/2001
Mary Emma McKinney B. 10/19/1923 - D. 07/22/2018
Hobert Meador
Sadie Lilly Meador
Lamer Lando Meador B.6/15/1938 - D.9/12/2006
Roy Meador
Jone Elizabeth Meador D. 9/11/1941
Gene Meador
Sarah Clara Meador B.9/1/1902 - D.12/5/1955****
Charles "Mike" Henry Meadows B. 9/7/1928 - D. 3/24/2005
Dorothy Keffer, Cole, Meadows B. 12/14/1934 - D. 9/2/1985
Lacy Meadows
Grace Reed Meadows
Lacy Meadows Jr.
Leonard Meadows
Lorainne Meadows
John Henry Meadows B. 9/5/1869 - D. 9/5/1943****
Sonny Willard Meadows
James Willard Meadows B. 8/26/1937 - D. 3/5/1938
Manerva Cox Meadows
Letha Lee Meadows B. 7/13/1923 - D.4/12/2006
Edith Edna Basham Meadows
Infant Meadows D. 8/12/1928
Clownie Meadows
Beulah Keffer Miller B. 9/17/1926 - D. 2/6/2002
Dasil Mitchem D. 8/1991
Linda Gail Mitchem D. 1/27/1994
Anthony Dale Mitchem D. 9/27/1999**
Larry Mitchem B. 10/21/1945 - D. 12/23/1945****
HM Mitchem ****
Clarence Mooney D.9/1985
Annie Mooney
Rose Mary Mooney
Glenn Mooney
Maynard Mooney
Bernard Mooney
C.J.Mooney Jr
Catherine Kay Mooney "Mickey" D. 11/13/2008
Rita Callahan Mooney
Clarence Murray D. 3/14/1993
Johnny M. Mustafo B. 12/11/1935 - D. 1/8/2008
Jim Norris
Myrtle Norris
James Anthony Norris B. 8/6/1936 - D.10/4/1936***
William H Norris B. 3/10/1925 - D. 7/17/2007
Helen L. Okes B. 5/20/1929 - D. 7/14/2001
Dennis C. "Peachy" Okes B. 6/6/1960 - D. 7/1/2001
James Howard Oliver
Ethel Hattie Thaxton Oliver
Ray Pack
Dorrie Pack
David Pack

Any names that you wish to contribute can be sent via e-mail. If you can, please contribute their date of birth and passing.

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