People of Whitby

Most of the time, there is a tendency within coal camp research to become buried by the coal and the trains and the people are forgotten. Character, the intensity of a face or action or image, these are the things which create a town. Below are a series of pictures of the people of Whitby WV from differing time periods. Look at these faces and these people.
Many more updates are coming but I want to pass on a great THANKS to those who have really let us share so far: Bob and Virginia Lilly, Evelyn Sayres, Bob and Patti Duncan, Corinne Bowling(Mom), Mervin Bowling(Aunt Mer),Margaret Bowling(Grandma), Mabel Bolen and many many others.

Sanford Bolen riding towards Whitby along the rail trail that lead to Abney, Woodpeck and Sullivan. Thanks again Evelyn. The photo below of your Dad is filled with alot of character and life.

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