Whitby WV in ~1938.

Thanks to Bob and Patti Duncan and the Saye Family we can see the Sterling Company Store in Whitby. While the picture is not the best quality, it is one of the only known views of the Company store that I am aware of. The store itself was torn down in the summer of 1982.

The company store in Whitby WV was very signifigant. Buried under the company store was one of the original log homes of Alexander Halstead. Halstead was one of Whitbys very first residents. Additionally, he can be found in the 1850 Raleigh County Census. Thanks to D Wheaton and Bob Duncan for all of their contributions about the store. NOTE: a table has been added below for more data on the Tipple at Whitby WV.

Note that the school can also be seen in the distance.

Company Store at Whitby WV

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