Paul and Wilma Shanks at Whitby WV

Thanks to the kindness of Anna Shanks Holding, we have a very unique view of Whitby WV. At the Top of Fink Street from Shanks Avenue, you would have this view of Whitby WV in the 1960's and 70's. In fact, until the 90's, the house remained the same color.

Note in the upper left corner of the picture below is the Sterling Smokeless Coal Tipple and processing facility. I also recall saying Hi to Mr Shanks as I would walk up Fink Street as well. Thanks so much Anna for these very personal and unique views of Whitby.

Paul and Wilma Shanks

Grandpa Shanks (Paul) with grandkids on Horse

This Picture is wonderful as well. Taken in the backyard of the Shanks residence, the people here are so filled with life.

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