Church and Tracks at Whitby WV

Thanks to the kindness of Glen Shanks , we have a view of Whitby WV as a true coal town. Note the church at Whitby and its bell tower. You can see the bell. In 2003, 04 and 05, the tower has been closed in and the bell not visible. Best of all in this picture, are the Virginian Coal Hoppers coming out of Whitby. I recall N&W, however, the ralroad sign near the tracks looks very much like the one I recall as a child. Further note the 2 sets of tracks. I recall a single set.

The lower right of the picture shows how beautifully the houses were maintained, flowers at the wall tops are great to see. If you look to the upper left you can just see the Tipple facility. I would guess the year of this picture to pre date 1958 as the coal hoppers in this picture are Virginian.

Thanks so much Glen for this view of Whitby.

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