Whitby WV Memorial Page

This page is dedicated to those who have lived in Whitby and since then have passed on. Any contributions are welcome as this will be their dedication. There will be many more names as this is the starter to this series.
Thanks to Eveleyn Sayres and Ginny Lilly. Their efforts and dedication made this page and the following listing possible.

"And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love."
Bible, 1 Corinthians 13:13

Oakley A Davis D. 10/26/1986
Rev. James William Davis Jr. B. 12/23/1923 - D. 5/24/2004
Cucille Davis D. 3/2/1941
Eddie Dean Davis B. 5/17/1955 - D. 4/4/2001
Matilda Doss D. 1/1/1936
Gladys M. Hope Douglas B. 11/2/1923 - D. 1/3/2003
Green Drafton D. 1999
William Byrd Duncan
Annie Lagathia Goss Duncan
William G. Duncan B 09/29/1939 - D. 09/02/2010
Earl Austin Duncan
Zula May Keffer Duncan
Charlie Duncan
Ruth Thompson Duncan
Betty Lola Duncan D.8/27/1933**
James Duncan
Jannette Duncan****
Estelle (Skinny) Edmonds B. 12/7/25 - D. 2/15/89
REED ELDRETH 2-10-1907 - 3-11-1975
GOLDIE ADKINS ELDRETH 4-18-1909 - 2-14-1987
Eldreth D. 12/27/1928
Robert Eskins D. 11/22/2010
Della Farley 6-18-1880 - 3-26-1918
Buster Farley
Catherine Farley
Oscar Farley
Pearl Farley
Lacy Farley
Stant Farley
Ethel Farley
Franklin Farley
Bobby Joe Farley
Nellie Farley
Walter Farley
Lester Farley
Lottie Farley
Drewry Oscar Farley, Sr. B. 8/19/1899 - D. 8/13/1980
James Paul Farley B. 11/31/1921 - D. 9/23/2011
Chloie Mae Farley B. 6/2/1928 - D. 10/22/2012
Drewry O. Farley Jr. B. 11/15/1936 - D. 2/11/2006
Leslie Earl Farley B. 7/27/1924 - D. 3/13/2006
Pearl B Florence Hylton Farley B. 4/11/1904 - D. 4/12/1996
Lacy Llois Farley B. 10/14/1925 - D.11/04/1981
Butch Fields B.08/07/1947 - D.09/15/2009
Bill Fink
Violet Fink B. 9/9/1907 - D. 4/1990
Don Fink
Nickie Warden Fink
Nichi Warden Fink D. 8/86
Leonara Mae Fink D. 8/13/1986
William James Fink B.5/5/1899 D.5/24/1948**
Hamer Warren Fink B. 1/12/1912 - D. 6/30/1977
Jewell Irene Kinley Fink B. 12/16/1919 - D. 3/4/1984
Paul Fishook B. 1/22/1872 - D. 1/23/1944
Carl Fix
Gaye Fix
Burton Ford
June Miles Ford
Burton Horace Ford Jr B.4/26/1941 - D.11/20/1941
Allen Fraley D. 3/14/1993
Grace Gales D. 5/26/1930
Thomas W. Garten B. 12/20/1930 - D. 12/4/2003
Garner Willard Garten D. 11/27/1927
Bob Garten
Ivory Garten D. 6/25/2000
Margaret Garten
Lorine Fay Meadows Goodman B. 12/8/1931 - D.6/29/2007
James Gordon D. 2/29/1980
Herbert Goss
Ruth Goss
Baby Goss D.12/26/1925***
Isom Goss
Aunt Lottie Goss
Jehue (John Edward) Goss B.12/1/1880 - D.4/1/1943**
Sina Blevins Goss B. 11/10/1874 - D. 2/2/1935**
Willard Goss B. 9/15/1910 - D. 5/6/1932**
Geneva Goss B/D 12/12/1926 (Infant)
EDWARD JAMES GRAHAM B. 6/10/1917 - D.1/5/1994
Riley Graham D. 2/1988
Cecil Graham****
Mary Louise Graham****
William Edward Griffith
Pearl Reed Griffith
Zane Franklin Griffith B. 3/3/1924 - D. 4/21/2011
Mannie Griffith
Viola Blanche Meador Griffith
James Gwin D. 4/8/1968
Hairston D. 2/19/1949
Alexander Halstead B. 1805 - D. 1870At Halstead Cemetery
Charlie Halstead
Cordilia Lilly Halstead
Nora Halstead
Charles Halstead
Maxine Halstead
Treva Halstead
William Edward 'Bill' Halstead B. 5/5/1913 - D. 11/7/2011
Paul K. Halstead B.10/13/1919 - D.2/11/2007
William Halstead B.7/14/1851 - D.10/31/1927**At Halstead Cemetery
Jane Halstead B.3/13/1856 - D. 5/19/1927**At Halstead Cemetery
Beulah Maxine Ellison Halstead D. 6/1986
Mason Halstead
Dennis Halstead
Ruby Crooks Halstead
Fred Ul Hargis B. 3/27/1932 - D.12/31/1948
Dorothy J. Hargus B. 4/20/1929 - D.5/18/2007
Mr.Harper D.4/12/1917
Charles Harris D. 4/11/1969
Everett Clara Hart
David Hart
Ross Hart
Arlie Hart
Paul Hart
Everett Hart
Clara Hart
David Hart

Any names that you wish to contribute can be sent via e-mail. If you can, please contribute their date of birth and passing.

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