Sterling Station at Whitby WV

Thanks so much again to Bob and Patti Duncan for sharing their home and knowledge with me while I was visiting Whitby! At the end of the wood trestle there was (during the 30's and I do not know how much later) a station stop on this route. It was called Sterling Station. The station itself was an actual building and folks could stay there until a train arrived. The name of Sterling station is very much a part of the naming history of Whitby. Sterling station is named after Sterling Smokeless Coal. However, as is noted on the Postal application for Whitby (click here for postal application); Sterling was a proposed town name. As a compromise between Sterling and other mine owners, Sterling Station retained its name and the town name of Whitby was kept. Below is a picture of where that station would have been were it still standing.

Nature has reclaimed Sterling Station

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