There are rails in Whitby WV!

Thanks so much again to Bob and Patti Duncan for sharing their home and knowledge with me while I was visiting Whitby! In 2004, there had been some very bad flooding in the immediate area near Whitby and Jonben. The results of this flooding have revealed alot of the rails that I really thought were gone. As you come down Fireco Road, you veer to the left and within less than a few hundred yards, you would be at the Whitby Church. However, right at the Fireco and Whitby Road Intersection, YET ANOTHER set of tracks has been revealed. This second set I have seen on rail maps. They were part of a set that intersected at the Battleship Camp. While the tracks facing Battleship are still visible and abandoned, In fact, you can Click here to see that set.


were thought to be totally gone. They were also paved over. This series of pages is a DRAFT and as such there will be many changes.

Yes, there were STILL even better things.

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