The Wood Trestle at Whitby WV!

Thanks so much again to Bob and Patti Duncan for sharing their home and knowledge with me while I was visiting Whitby! When I was very young and visiting Whitby in the 1970's, I would always come to the church and turn to the right and walk the tracks towards Abney. Within a mile, there was a wood trestle which I believe crossed Piney Creek. I remember finding fossils there and above all, I walked it many many times. Until July of 2004, I had not seen this trestle in 25 years. I was convinced, it was gone.

I am very glad that I was wrong.

The wood trestle still stands! Nature and floods have battered it, but I could walk on it and thanks to Bob, I could get to it. While the tracks to the trestle have been torn up, the other set they eventually merged with will take you clear into Sophia. and yes, I walked half of it.

Another view of the trestle.

At the end of this view, you would have seen Sterling Station. The next page in this series will explain further.

Yes, as far as the tracks went, this was the


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