Whitby Union House

Many thanks to Bob and Patti Duncan for sharing their home with me while I was in Whitby this year (2004). I also want to thank Ronald (Scooter)Green for his time in allowing us to see the Whitby Union House sign. Miners from Flat Top and Whitby all met in this single Union House. The house however; is not located in Whitby. It is in Jonben right across from Tolly Drive. The remains of the Union house (see below) are still there. If you want to see a Union Dues Card from this area and operation, click here.

Thankfully, the Union House Sign looks great and is cared for. See below. There is alot of history in this area still to see! Can anyone tell me what a typical meeting was like or for that matter, when did the meetings stop??

Union House Sign for Whitby and Flat Top

Ronald(Scooter)Green holds the Union House sign. Thanks Ronald!

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