1931 Whitby WV Mining Crew

This is a DRAFT series of pages that will have some changes within the next few weeks. I hope to properly capture the charm and dedication that these folks represent. Thanks to Pauline Haga and her "Tribute to the Coal Miner Series" as well as the generosity of Ginny Lilly and Evelyn Sayre, I was able to recreate the panorama style photos of the Miner crew series starting with the photo below.
I wanted to also say a special thanks to Linda Fix who contributed the names below. Without her help, many of these folk had no names. Thanks so very mucvh Linda. The Crew Names are as follows: NOTE: If there are any missed names or names that folks wish to correct, please do let me know.

Back Row

Fincan (Store Clerk), Mr Barbour (Store Manager), Bill Tully(Book Keeper), Tom Akers, Mr. Barbour, PQ Warden, Nick Thompson, Earl Christian and Alva Meadows.

Second Row

Nathan Hedrick, Nelson Thompson, Homer Persinger, Paul Fishook, Edgar Damiels, Bill Fink, Bill Fix, Hoge (Hodge) Perkins, Lonnie Price, Joe Wills, Clifford Warden, Elbert Price, Henry Shrewsberry, George Edwards, Dallas Rinehart, Stennie Lilly, Oscar Lilly, Willard McCoy, Ray Price, Clacy Griffith and Earl Duncan.

Third Row

Dan Honkie, Porter Keffer, Lew Crow, Taylor Keffer, Payne Keffer, (missing name is in here at Jack is the seventh in this row) Jack Lilly, Jess Garten, Rev. Russell Bragg, Clinton Philips, Walter Lemon, Bob Garten, Wayne Ellison, Randolph Barker, Hobert Lilly, Harrud Warden, Delbert Keffer, Mexican Pete, Henry Tucker and Jim Dancy.

Fourth/Front Row

Zeb Duncan, Willard Goss, Homer Price, Charlie Duncan, Joe Hatfield, Elliot Eastmen, Dog is named Owl, (he was the store watch dog), the black men in the picture are as follows: Johnny Alexzander, Willie Alexzander, Dupre Pack, Wesley Scott, Don Wheeler, Malvell Carnington, Dued Smith, Henry Walker and Loyd Sherrlow.

Alot of people including those above and in all of these pages worked their lives to their end and the things that kept it all together were ordinary in appearance. Just like the spike below from Whitby.

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