Whitby WV Post Office in 2003

Although the building still remains standing, in 2004, the contents of the Post Office were no longer there. They had been gone for years. However, the Postal Emblem in the window remains...

The Table below will have the results of my drive around the immediate Whitby Camp. Each link is a different picture and view. Any Feedback is welcomed and please understand that these pictures were taken with the best intentions and best attempts at privacy. If anybody feels that I have invaded their privacy by posting these pictures, I apologize in advance as this is an attempt to preserve the town of Whitby before the houses were being used for scrap lumber.

The Whitby Post Office in 2003. To date, the "Black Curch" still stands and at this time, there is still a Postal symbol in the window. There is a history of the Post Office at the main Whitby page. Click here to get to the Whitby Postal history page.

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View from top of Fink Street
Driving to the Bottom of the camp at Whitby WV
Continuing Drive to Bottom of Camp at Whitby WV
Driving at the Bottom of the Camp at Whitby WV
Bottom of the Camp at Whitby WV
Looking Up at Whitby WV
"Mining Office" at Whitby WV
Rails going into Whitby
Looking down to the Bottom of the Camp at Whitby WV
House Across the way at Fink Street
Walking down Fink Street
Violet Finks House "The Best Cook Whitby ever had"
The Allens House at Whitby WV
Fink Street in Whitby WV
Side view of Bowling House
Margaret Bowlings House
Whitby Superintendants House in 2003
Whitby Church in 2003
Front of Whitby WV Church
Remains of Dr. Rileys Office
Home of Whitby Constable
Rails in Whitby?
Halstead Cemetery
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Battleship in 2003
Where is Whitby?
Company Store at Whitby WV
Whitby Mining History
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Smith and Stover at Whitby