How do I get to Whitby WV?

Coming out of Beckley, get on 77 South, take the Mabscott Sophia exit. Go towards Sophia. This is now Route 16 or Robert Byrd.

NOW, the directions are a bit detailed, and yes, I have followed them and yes, they take you to Whitby.

1) At the end of Robert Byrd, is the last light in Sophia, take a left.

2)Take the first available Right, this is Independence Road.

3)At the end of Independence,(at the Stop Sign), take a right onto Coal City Road.

4) Coal City Road will go past Abney Road(on the left), Thompson Cemetery(on the right), Stoco High School(on the right), the Dollar Value Store(on the right) and THEN

5)You will be coming to a fork in the road. There will be a Church there as well...

6)TAKE THE LEFT SIDE OF FORK, this is Old Fireco Road (Sometimes called Jonben-Fireco Road). There should be a road sign, BUT, just in case....

7)After about a mile, you will be at the bottom of a mountain. This is what I call Fireco Junction. This "junction" as I call it will place you next to the Battleship Camp.

8)Left will take you into Whitby via Whitby Road. As you follow Whitby Road, you will see the former Whitby Post Office on the left side of the road.

9)After ~300 yards, the Whitby Church will be on your right. WELCOME TO WHITBY!!

10)IF you go Right you will go into Jonben and directly to Fireco. This is one of the few maps that I have actually seen with Whitby on it and is usable in 2003. I have darkened the route to Whitby.

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