Halstead Cemetery Continued

This page is the second in a series dedicated to the Halstead Cemetery at Whitby WV. This is a DRAFT so there will be many changes and additions.
First of all, I would like to thank Bob and Patti Duncan for helping me around Whitby, Fireco, Jonben, Willabet and Coal City. Their support made this trip possible and certainly more enjoyable. If you want to know about the history of Whitby please see the link to the main Whitby page at the bottom or click here. Additionally, Pattis knowledge of the Tolley family was invaluable.

Secondly, Thanks to Dee Wheaton and her unique historical book "The Whitby Halsteads". This book is incredible as far as depth and detail of the Halstead family and its history. None of the following information would be possible without Dees book.

The pictures below of the Halstead cemetery were located very near one of the original Halstead settlements in what would become Whitby WV. The stone below is of James Halstead, the family of Whitby's first settler; Alexander Halstead.

James Halstead

The stone below of Andy Shuck is a very touching reminder of how precious this place is. There are unmarked graves as well.

Andy Shuck

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Another Halstead Cemetery location at Whitby WV