Take In Hollow revisited

This new series of photos represent Take in Hollow residents and their lives. Piney Hornsby (pictured below) has been invaluable in her recall of the people of this area. A special Thanks to Mary Harris and Gloria Cadle for both historical acccounts and pictures. NOTE, these are a starter series and more updates are on the way.
Piney Hornsby and Friends

This is front row left to right Piney Hornsby, Alice Church Hornsby, back row
Andrew Church picture was taken in Willabet Hollow around 1943

This is a picture of left to right Lacy Bolen, Ira Clyde McBride on his lap is Mary Joanne McBride, Dorothy Bolen, in front of Dorothy is Reva Carol McBride picture was taken in summer of 1950 at Take-In-Hollow WV

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