Take In Hollow at Whitby WV

NOTE: This is a starter page and there will be many changes to it. As with other towns within the Winding Gulf, the remoteness of their location produced Hollows that were sparsely populated and really on the border of the more built up camps. In Whitby there was Take in Hollow. My Mom was kind enough to tell me the place name origin: Take in Hollow was so named due to the fact that even folks who had lived in the area for years could still get lost if they went there. They were literally taken in. Mabel Bolen recalls that there was some farming in the area as well and Bob Duncan recalls hunting there and of course, stills. Please feel free to go to the bottom of this page and click the mail link to let me know what you recall as well.

Depending on who you talk to and when they lived in Whitby; Take in Hollow was located in the vicinity of Sullivan or Abney and bordered Whitby. Thanks to the help of the my Mom, Mabel Bolen, Bob Duncan, the McBride family, Gloria Cadle, Mary Harris, Bonnie Hicks, The McBride Family Association, MyFamily.com and others, I can provide some history and pictures of the people who lived there.

Take In Hollow residents and relations

Below the 2 pictures are, from left to right, Clyde and Cecil Mc Bride and Mary Harris' Uncle, Bud McBride.

Piney Hornsby (Mary Harris Mother was kind enough to recall the following about the residents of Take In:

Take In Hollow Recollections

"My mother Piney( Hornsby) McBride said you could go over the mountain at Whitby and end up at Take in Hollow. We lived there from the early 1950 to 1955 she said their was seven house their the ones she remembered and the list start at Sullivan and goes toward Whitby. 1. She said their was a old lady that lived here she cannot recall her name. 2. The Smith family 3. Lacy and Dorothy Bolen 4. Unknown 5. Ira Clyde McBride and Piney Hornsby 6. Unknown allshe can recall is they lived close to a spring 7. Bill Cadle and family "

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