Boyer Smokeless Scrip at Whitby WV

Thanks to Harold Snodgress and some great folks at the WV Scrip group at Yahoo, I have finally been able to obtain a piece of Boyer Smokeless Scrip from Whitby WV. The town name of Boyer appears on almost every map spelled as Bowyer. I do not know why the scrip itself has the Boyer spelling. Bowyer was, to the best of my knowledge, the first operation at Whitby and really, its special to see this. My Mother and Aunt recall others using the name Bowyer for Whitby, but the scrip is an artifact of a time gone by. There were other sets of scrip used at Whitby(including Ralco the operation was Red Jacket Jr.). Sterling Smokeless was the predominant operation at Whitby, but as noted; the Ralco pieces are VERY rare. For more information about Bowyer (including a rail map), there is a link provided in the table below.

Dollar Piece of Boyer Smokeless Scrip at Whitby WV

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