Sterling Smokeless Scrip at Whitby WV

Thanks to Jim Singelton and Frank Lusher, I have finally been able to put together a full set of Sterling Smokeless Scrip from Whitby WV. In practice, scrip was no longer used by ~1952. While a person could redeem their scrip for cash, there were times when this exchange was seldom 1 for 1. At worst, a miner would at times only get 50 cents on the dollar. Additionally, a miner had scrip cards which were redeemed for scrip if needed. There is also a link for scrip cards below. The largest denomination issued by Sterling Smokeless at Whitby was 5 dollars. There were other sets of scrip used at Whitby for Wyoming General Stores (including Ralco) and Bowyer Smokeless. Below is also a link to a piece of scrip from Bowyer; the original operation at Whitby. Pieces from the Ralco operation (Red Jacket Jr.) are very very (and I do mean very) rare.

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