Bowyer Smokeless Coal Company at Whitby WV

One of the earliest names for Whitby WV was Bowyer. It has NOT been easy to get ANY information on Bowyer WV; namely, its age and what it looked like. At this point, I have a date of ~ March 1916 as when Bowyer was an operation in what we now call Whitby WV. Thanks to Cecil St Clair, we know ALOT more. The only artifact I have from Bowyer is coal scrip. Thats not at all easy to get, and it aint cheap. BUT its facinating to see to and to know that almost 100 years ago, it was in use. Click here to see Bowyer WV Scrip.

MOST interesting is in the General Information article below there is a reference to a Mr. Stahl. Stahl, the earliest name for Whitby on a map. I do not know if there is any relationship to his name and the place named Stahl. I was very surprised to see the ammount of Union activity in Whitby or should I say Bowyer. Also, we now know what Bowyer looked like! See the link below......

UMWA activity circa, 1916

UMWA activity p2 circa, 1916. NOTE: how Fireco is called Fire Coal

The Company Story

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