Bowyer Smokeless Coal Company at Whitby WV

I never knew what Bowyer looked like. SURE, we know it became Whitby. AND we know that Whitby had all green houses, a post office, a church, a store, boarding houses and the school.

HOWEVER, we did not know for sure what EXACTLY the town of Bowyer was supposed to look like...WELL NOW WE DO!! Back in 1918, an Industry Magazine for coal called Black Diamond, did a series of articles on coal towns and their potential profit. YES, thats what the magazine was supposed to do, BUT it also had pictures as well as a town description with, the Bowyer mine portal. NOTE the date of 1917 on the portal.

1917 Bowyer Mine Portal

Of interest from the article, houses in Bowyer were to be yellow with red roofs. The town was described to have a white and colored boarding house (segregation), a commissary (store) and a church. I was not aware of any church at Whitby until 1938, ANYONE know different, LET ME KNOW. A theater (or) social hall was proposed. As far as I am able to see in the pic below, the town is nearly identical, BUT of course, the roads I know did not appear until the 1950's. If any of you out there can let me know about the church, BEFORE 1938, or anything else, LET me know. I never knew of any theater in the town of Whitby proper.

Town of Bowyer, ALMOST identical to Whitby, circa 1918

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