Halstead Farm At Whitby WV

Thanks to the kindness of Bob and Patti Duncan, I have been able to piece together a more complete view of Whitby. Most of these pages have been dedicated to the main Whitby camp. However, the Halstead family Farm and Whitby Hollow are difficult to research as most of these structures are gone. These places would have been to the left of the bottom of the camp if you were to foloow the roads out. HOWEVER, after hiking alot with Bob Duncan and thanks to the combined contributions of many folks, I think we have a far better picture than before of Whitby.

We were able to find the foundation of the Halstead farm. I believe this is so because in addition to the foundation photo below, we also found a carbide well for lighting. Since it is highly improbable to have such a well in the middle of the woods for no reason, I assume, it was used to light a house. A picture of the well and foundation are below.

Carbide Well at Halstead Farm

Foundation of Halstead Farm

BUT, we also found the gravestone of Jane and William Halstead nearby, so unless these folks just happened to be buried near a foundation, with an abandoned carbide well, in the middle of nowhere,it is safe to say, they lived there or rather nearby. Additionally, this was a very big clue about other things at Whitby.

Near this property, we started to find, spherical boulders and a very strange device that resembled an auger for mining. The auger bit was gone. Boulders of this shape are not uncommon if they had been augered. What I needed to find was a mine map that showed mining on a Halstead tract of Land and of course that this mining was of the type that required an auger. I found just such a map and have provided a link for this below. NOTE: there are more pages to come in this series.

Mine Map of Number 10 Mine showing Halstead Tract of Land Auger Device at Whitby WV Gravestone of Jane and Wiliam Halstead Back to Main Whitby WV Page