Number 10 Mine Portal Map at Whitby WV

After doing extensive on line research, I was able to find the mine map below of the Sterling Smokeless Coal Company Number 10 mine. This map is extensive and has a few features which deserve to be noted.

Note that the site is composed of tracts of land. One of these is noted as the Halstead tract. Yes, thats the Halstead family, the name of Whitby's first residents and settlers. Also, the seam of coal that defined most of Whitby's coal production was the Pocahantas Number 4 Seam. There were other seams at Whitby. Notably, there was the Beckley Seam as well as the Sewell Seam. Bowyer, another Whitby town name, was yet another mine site and was located in the Beckley Seam. I have included pictures of the number 10 Portals of this mine below.

I know that many of you out there, many of you retired miners will beable to correct anything you may see wrong on this page. I await you feedback. Within the next few weeks I will be posting tonnage figures for Whitby WV.

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