Rail Switch at Whitby WV in 2007

Thanks to the kindness Bob and Ginny Lilly sharing their home with me, I was able to hike and see the following as what is left of Whitby WV in 2007. As of this time, most of what I have recorded at this site does still remain at the Whitby WV camp. If you walked from Battleship (or named West Whitby or Ralco) you would after about 1 mile see this switch. This linked the rails from themain town of Whitby to this set I walked. I did make the walk to Pemberton. YES, I also walked it back. YES, it was one of the hardest things I have physically ever dione and I look forward to doing the same thing again in 2008. NOTE: The Wood Treestle at Whitby still stands as of 2007! I have provided links below for the wood trestle and a general rails in Whitby WV history page

Below is Mile Marker 28 just outside of Abney. It was great to see this as further evidence of trains having been in Whitby

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