1995 Whitby group photo

Thanks to the folks at Shifoto we now have pictures of both the 1995 and 1999 Whitby Group photos of the Coal Camp reunions held in July. I would also liketo say thanks to Betty Lou Warden Powell, Lynda Farley and Ginny and Bob Lilly for the names below.

The links below will allow you to see both photos. I understand that all, if not most are from Whitby.
It will be a goal of mine to attend the 2004 reunion, however, as the towns disappear, I feel it is vital to know who we are as well as who we were.

All photos were used with the expressed permission of Shifoto, if you wish to contact them for any copies or for anything else, their address is:

PO BOX 605
Coal City, WV 25823
Phone: 304-683-4548
Service was excellent by the way.

From Left to Right:

Back Row: Farley, Bobby Lilly, Kenneth Bragg, Sonny Calvert, Ray Stafford, Marvin Lively, Freddy Henley, Drewry Farley

Middle Row: Imogene Stafford, Margaret Stafford Webb, Melvin Bennett, Erma bolen Helvey,Wendell Farley, Enoch Warden, Bill Norris, Ladine Lively Norris, Mervin Bowling, Boots Mounts, Sue Henley Jones

1st Row: Betty Warden Powell, Mabel Lee Bolen, Arnold Farley, Patty Thompson Calvert, Doris Jean Lowe, Cordia Halstead, Mary Halstead, Lois Halstead, Edith Halstead.

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