Whitby in 2004

This is a DRAFT so there will be many changes
First of all, I would like to thank Bob and Patti Duncan for helping me around Whitby, Fireco, Jonben, Willabet and Coal City. Their support made this trip possible and certainly more enjoyable. If you want to know about the history of Whitby please see the link to the main Whitby page at the bottom or click here.
2004 was my second trip to Whitby. This time, I focused on the rails and the front of the camp which is really the first thing a person sees when entering Whitby. Thanks to the worst flooding in years, much of what some had told me was no longer in existence or gone was easy to see. This series of pages will be dedicated to what is STILL left of Whitby and I hope it demonstrates why it is so vital to recall and

WRITE DOWN the memories you do have.

Top Of Whitby Camp View 1

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Front of Whitby Camp part 2
Front of Whitby Camp part 3
Front of Whitby Camp part 4
Top of Whitby Camp
Top of Whitby Camp part 2
Top of Whitby Camp part 3
Top Of Whitby Camp Part 4
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More Views of Whitby in 2004
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More views of Whitby Church in 2004