Tourists at Whitby WV

Yes, thanks to the Virginian Railway Enthusiasts and an incredible amount of coordination of many many folks, Whitby had tourists. As part of the Virginian Railway Coalfield Seminar; Whitby was seen presented as one of the many coal towns within the Winding Gulf Coal Field. We parked the 2 buses in the Church parking lot and I tried to answer all of the questions folks had about Whitby and the many other towns in the immediate area including Jonben, Fierco, Lillybrook and Battleship.

What was the best part of all? Easy. Everyone wanted to know more about Whitby coal, people, rails, and history. A link to the Virginian Railway Enthusiasts Group has been provided below. I suggest everyone visit there when you can. Coal Culture and Virginian Railway history are not at all exclusive.

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