Students of the Whitby School

Thanks to the donation of the picture and names below by Virginia Lilly we now have a wonderful set of pictures showing the many young and lively faces in Whitby.

Folks listed are from Left to right:

Back Row:
Zelda Stafford, Annabella Akers, Dorothy Keffer, Louella Rinehart, Patty Thompson, Bertie Keffer, Bennie Hutchens (peeping over), Dale Hemley, Billy Lilly, Marvin Lively, Gene Meador (behind), Mary Halstead (beside Louella and Dale)

Middle Row Seated:
Clayton Lilly, Betty Smith, Virginia Lilly, Lois Duncan, Betty Jane Warden, Wilma Reed, Donald Lee Wills

Front Row:
Gene Cooper, Jackie Sisk, Jimmy Saye, Evelyn Bolen, Betty Garten, Kenny Akers, Gladys Bolen

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