1930's Sisk Family at Whitby WV

Thanks to the kindness of Jack Sisk, we can see a day in the life at Whitby WV from 1936 in the first picture below. Both Jack and myself are not sure but we believe that the little boy on the fence is him. This picture is a very personal and unique view of history at Whitby from the 1930's. Note that the houses in this picture are very different in design from those seen later on the 1950's and today. There is another Sisk family picture below as well.

Mrs Estie Sisk, Jack Sisk (Estie's Son) and Freida Saye at Whitby WV

Another personal picture from the Sisk family taken in ~1933. Paul and William Sisk as children.

Paul and William Sisk in 1933

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