The Streets of Whitby WV in the late 40's.

Thanks to the map below created by Glen Shanks we have a very rare look at Whitby BEFORE the streets were redug in the EARLY 1950's. This map really has helped me in Whitby's history as there have always been features in the land layout of Whitby which I never really understood. For example, how about that hill at the bottom of Fink Street next to Mrs Finks house?? Why is that thing there? Another thing, how about those partial segments of road between the houses? They were NOT sidewalks. They were at one time complete roads.

The map below answers those questions. When the roads in Whitby were recut, they went directly through the middle of the camp. There were no switchbacks, or really a need to travel between the houses to get up a hill. The newer roads allowed a person to walk between homes. The hill at Mrs Finks was a switchback. It had to be a hill to allow folks to get up into the camp. NOTE: There is a link provided below for the 1950's Whitby WV Street Map.

Then there was another thing which I never understood (until now). Everytime I spoke to anybody from Whitby, there was always a huge difference in places when it came to where things were etc before the 50's. Recarving the roads radically changed the landscape.

As has been clearly noted, the map is not drawn to scale. Additionally, there are almost certainly more homes etc etc. SO, if there are those of you out there who recall or remember, send me an e mail. Thanks again Glen and before I forget, there are a few folks who have also been very patient in their memories in letting me know that the Whitby I recall or even see today is a very different place than what others recall. These folks are: Nick Thompson, Jack Sisk, Ray Sisk, the Shanks Family, the Bragg brothers, the Staffords, Bob and Patti Duncan and my Mom. Thanks to all of you as there will be many more updates on this page. I know there will be corrections for sure. **If I have failed to thank anybody, please forgive me as this series of pages would not be possible without all of you.

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