Mystery Whitby WV School Class Photo

NOTE: Thanks to the kindness of Tammy Adkinsd Woods and the Contributions of names by Betty Jane Warden Powell, we are still trying to figure out, WHO are these kids and their teacher??

Here is the contribution supplied by Betty:

I believe that on the bottom row left side - 3rd-Tommy Mooney; 6th-Lamer Meadows;right side - 1st-Drewry Farley; 2nd Benny Hutchens; 3rd J.D. Bragg - Middle Row - end by teacher - 1st - Stevie Warden; 2nd Gerry Cox; 3rd-J.P. Thompson and on the Back Row - beside teacher - Dorothy Saye; 3rd from left- Lula Bell Lilly an...d 7th from left- Janey Keaton. Hope this gets you started with identifying a lot of them.

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