C.C. Stafford and P.Q. Warden at Whitby WV

Thanks to Zelda Porter we have a picture of P.Q. Warden at Whitby WV. In a nutshell; Mr Warden was Whitby. He was the Super and as such, everything he said was basically what happened. Whitby did not have a theater or a union house because this was not thought of as appropriate by Mr. Warden. His house still stands today at Whitby WV and I cant think of another person who had a greater influence on the way Whitby WV was created and grew. I have provided a link below if you want too see the Supers House as it looks today in 2007. NOTE: The picture was taken in 2003, however, it is just like that now in 2007.

Zelda contributes the following: "C.C. Stafford is in the forefront and P. Q. is the 2nd one with a paper bag on his head. And oh yes, with his pipe . By the way, My dad taught the adult Bible class for probably 25 years. He was also the song leader for many years."

Thanks to many many folks at the 2007 Stoco reunion, we have identified in the people in this picture so far: CC Stafford in the front,P.Q. Warden with the pipe, taller standing person might be Ronald Stafford (any help here?), the man in the hat with his back to the fence is Bob Saye, the little girl seated with pigtails is Louella Rhinehart. WHERE WAS THIS PICTURE TAKEN? Ideas so far have been Mr Keens yard.
I have to date not seen a picture of Mr Warden and I am very appreciative of this contribution.

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