Letter of Recommendation for Walter Sisk at Whitby WV

Thanks to the kindness of Jack Sisk below is a letter of recommendation for his Dad Walter Sisk. Walter Sisk was one of the principal folks who helped make the tracks to the tipple at Whitby in 1947. Note also that Mr. Sisk has had 13 years of experience. We now know that in 1936, Sterling Smokeless was operating. The letter is significant for many reasons to Whitby. One, the letter is written and signed by P.Q. Warden, the Superintendent at Whitby WV. Second, the letter has the Sterling Smokeless Coal Company letter head with a by line for Whitby and the Virginian Railway. Third and probably the best, is that this letter is dated August 1947 and mentions the church at Whitby. At that time, the church was less than 10 years old. This was a very intimate thing to share Jack and I thank you very much.

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