Whitby Hollow at Whitby WV

Thanks to the kindness of Bob and Patti Duncan as well as Jackie Dedman, I have been able to piece together a more complete view of Whitby. Most of these pages have been dedicated to the main Whitby camp. However, the Halstead family Farm and Whitby Hollow are difficult to research as most of these structures are gone. These places would have been to the left of the bottom of the camp if you were to follow the roads out. HOWEVER, after hiking alot with Bob Duncan and thanks to the combined contributions of many folks, I think we have a far better picture than before of Whitby.

In Whitby, depending on when you lived there, many refer to a Whitby Hollow (A.K.A. The Logging Road) and a Bowyer Hollow. These Hollows were on the outskirts of the Main Camp. Below, you will see pics of some of home foundations we were able to find. This was the home of Sterling Wills and Family. Thanks to Jackie Dedman, we also know ALOT more about the cellar and the home. Jackie very kindly contributed the following:

The cellar was a few feet away from the house they called it the spring house if I remember correctly. My grandmother kept all her canning, butter, milk etc there. Love seeing that photo. Grandpa use to have a tool shop behind the celler abv ground. Also had a couple of barns on the property years ago. One was on left when you first came thru the gate from the road entrance, other one was up from the house. The road when you first came up the holler Like Mr Lilly said Jennings Reed and his family lived on right, the roaad sort of forked off to the left going to my grandparents. From the Reeds it went to the right and was called the logging road.

Home Foundation

A Cellar

The Fallen in Roof

The homes in these holoows are very interesting for a few reasons 1)They are a very different design than those in the main camp.2)They are harder to find and as such are a treasure to see. NOTE: there are more pages to come in this series.

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