Bowyer and Stahl WV baseball team pics!!

Whitby WV was long ago known as Bowyer and Stahl. Thanks to the generosity of Jim Samples, below are pictures I had never seen and honestly never knew existed. They are team pics from Bowyer and Stahl WV. My Aunt and Mother recall as children there were people who referred to Whitby as Bowyer. I have yet to meet or know anybody who had heard of Stahl (Whitby's earliest name).Baseball was a major past time in the coalfields. I even knew that Whitby's colors were red and white. However, I am still amazed by these pics. Thanks so much Jim!!

Note the spelling of Bowyer as Boyer. This is also done on coal scrip from Bowyer. All other maps have it spelled as Bowyer.

WHO are these men on this team? I am so surprised to see this picture.

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