Barker Family at Whitby West Virginia

Sometimes when you look at a coal town, its hard to uderstand that even in a smaller town, one hollow can take you to a totally different place, within the very same. Up the hollow, Whitby Hollow, lived the Barker Family. Below is a terrific pic of a man, William Randolph Barker. Something about this pic just shows his life, and yes, his work.

In about 1946, the Webb family did buy the old Barker home. NOTE that this house is very different than the houses you would see in the main Whitby camp. Thats why, I just LOVE to see this pic. AND YES, many many thanks to the folks who donated these pics, I can tell you who they are. LEFT to RIGHT Reath Odell, Nadell Barker is holding a baby, the baby is named Davis Barbour. Keeping to the left, Lockie F Barker, William R Barker AND Dallas Barker...It is a joy and wonder to see a home up the hollow and BEST of all, in use and seeing a family.

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